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JA11 V1.8 firmware changes are as follows:

Updated at 2024-07-20

1. Add the function of PEQ tuning on the computer webpage.

2. Added support for online firmware upgrades via the FiiO Control app.

3. Fixed the issue where the customized gain could not be saved.

4. Fixed the issue of PEQ frequency differences.

JA11 V1.8 firmware download link: Click here


1) PEQ web page: https://fiiocontrol.fiio.com/

2) If the JA11 firmware upgrade fails on the FiiO Control App, please use a

    Windows 10/11 computer to upgrade the JA11 firmware.

JA11 V1.7 firmware changes are as follows:

Updated at 2024-06-21

1. Fix the problem of unbalanced sound channels or noise when connected to some mobile phones;

2. Enhance operation stability.

JA11 V1.7 firmware download link: Click here

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