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KA17 V0.99 firmware changes are as follows:

Updated at 2024-03-06

1. Added the ability to connect to a computer for decoding. The volume on the computer

    can be adjusted and memorized.

2. Added mobile phone USB exclusive mode playback volume with adjustable volume.

3. Added a pop-up prompt for inserting USB into the side port.

4. Fixed the problem that switching EQ in FiiO Control App or on the local machine cannot

    follow in real time.

5. Fixed the problem of incorrect data saving when adjusting EQ custom 3 in FiiO Control


6. Modify the EQ switching logic. MQA is supported when EQ is OFF. MQA and DSD tracks

    are not supported when EQ is turned on.

7. Modify the filter name.

8. Optimize UI interface.

9. Other performance optimizations.

KA17 V0.99 firmware download link: Click here

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