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KA11 V0.08 firmware changes are as follows:

Updated at 2024-03-06

1. Optimize the problem that FiiO Control volume adjustment cannot be saved.


1. If the sound becomes smaller after updating this firmware, please increase the volume in

   FiiO Control;

2. The FiiO Control volume adjustment function supplements the volume of the front-end

   playback device, making the volume adjustment more precise. If the volume adjustment

   of the front-end playback device meets the needs, there is no need to update this


3. Updating the firmware requires a Windows computer, connected to the Type-C interface or

   through an adapter;

4. The volume curve of iOS devices such as iPhone is relatively complete, so the LT version

   of KA11 does not need to update this firmware;

5. Currently, this firmware has a very small probability of causing monophonic problems

   when adjusting the volume in FiiO Control. If this occurs, it can be restored by continuing

   to adjust. It is recommended that after the FiiO Control is adjusted to a suitable volume

   value, the daily volume adjustment should still be done through the front-end playback


KA11 V0.08 firmware download link: Click here

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