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The new year has begun. In general, we FIIO always enjoy communicating with consumers. For one thing, we hope consumers can decide their purchasing plans based on our product plans to make rational and reasonable consumption. For another, the company can adjust the priority of resource allocation based on the market feedback.

Furthermore, regarding the new product plan, there are a few things we must mention.

There used to be an old saying that plans are made to be delayed. So, the new product preview can only be used as a reference, and changes are probably unavoidable.

We hope you will not deviate from the premise when discussing the number of new products. As a reliable brand in the domestic and even global headphone and HIFI industry, FIIO's R&D team and strength are outstanding. It's not as simple as saying a brand is meticulous if it releases one product in a year, or it's not serious if a brand releases 100 new products in a year.

FIIO currently has five business departments responsible for the development of different product lines, with nearly 150 engineers, including 5 ID designers, and the team is still expanding.

So, for those who criticize us, please be rational and have some common sense.

FIIO's current product lines are relatively extensive, covering portable players, desktop players, portable DAC/Amps, portable Bluetooth headphone amplifiers, TWS earbuds, IEMs of dynamic drivers, balanced armatures and hybrid drivers, over-ear headphones of dynamic drivers, planar drivers, earbuds, speakers, desktop DAC/Amps, keyboards, USB dongles, as well as CD players, cassette players, and many other categories.

The product line is rich yet actually with fewer models in each line. Moreover, the differences between these products are quite significant. It's impossible for one engineer to know and do everything. So, don't worry that we're not professional or focused enough.

In addition, in the execution process, besides time deviations, our projects may be terminated or new ones may be added and some projects may need to be kept confidential for business secrets. However, we will try our best to be open and transparent. In essence, FIIO is not a company that excels in speed (the R&D process of many projects exceeds 2 years). We really hope you can understand us. Thanks in advance.


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