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I've got a new laptop with Windows 11 and my FiiO X5III used as USB storage device is not recognized anymore.
Same setup using same cable is working on Windows 10 PC but not on the Windows 11 laptop.
It may be not a Windows 11 but a laptop issue, but same USB port is perfectly working with all other USB devices I've tested.

What I see in UbsTreeView tool is:
Windows 10 PC:
Cable connect
FiiO X5 with drive letters appears in the tree
(I think there is step in between where just "FiiO X5" without drive letters appear, but it is too fast to see)
Now it is visible in the PC explorer.
Not visible in explorer anymore.

Windows 11 laptop:
Cable connect
FiiO X5 with drive letters appears very shortly in the tree
Then it changes to just FiiO X5 without drive letters.
Few seconds later no FiiO X5 visible.
FiiO X5 itself still showing the "TURN ON USB STORAGE" dialog, but nothing happening if I go to "OK".
It seems like FiiO X5 still "thinking" that there is a USB connection, but there is none on the laptop.
I can normally "TURN OFF USB STORAGE" on X5, but also then no reaction on the laptop.
I can repeat the connection procedure with the same result.

Anyone with the same experience?
Any idea how to solve it?


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