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Firstly, so as to clarify, I am invested in the Fiio eco, owning an M11s, Q7 and PL50 all of which i enjoy immensely and have no problem recommending. I am ultimately just looking for some clarity to allow for another Fiio based purchase.

I would very much like to purchase the R7, yesterday. However as i require this to also work with a gaming PC as a secondary function to listening to hi-res local files and streaming platforms. 
The USB based latency is not, or would not be an issue were the Toslink input bug-free. There are a lot of comments regarding the stuttering nature of the audio output with very little in the way of what i would call confidence boosting replies from Fiio regarding the required fix. In fact I would go so far as to say Fiio have not even officially acknowledged the issue beyond "their engineer trying to replicate the issue".
Can someone from Fiio confirm this is even on a to-do list? It seems such a fundamental functionary requirement given the recognised/accepted latency condition via USB.

I cannot be the only one who finds this situation a little disconcerting.



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