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I currently use iTunes as my music library and use it to organize my songs and playlists on my PC (song files saved to external SSD).  That works well with my iPhone and the Music app that comes installed on iPhones but I don't want to use my phone to store/play my music anymore.  I want to use the M11 Plus!

I'm trying to replicate the iTunes experience on my M11 Plus but it seems difficult to do using the FiiO music app which came installed on the device.  I can connect my M11 Plus to my PC and drag/drop the music files onto the SD card of my M11 Plus but I think re-creating my playlists and updating/maintaining my library would be difficult.   

For example:

I have about 4,500 songs on iTunes but not all of them are checked/selected.  Meaning, when I play a playlist, only checked songs play.  If I drag and drop my current library, ALL songs are now on my M11 Plus but I would only want those that were checked/selected to play.  So before dragging/dropping, I would have to go through all of the artist and album folders on my computer and remove the songs I don't want to hear.  And any time a new song was added to my computer music files, I'd have to manually drag and drop the song from my computer to the M11 Plus.

And recreating my iTunes playlists on the FiiO music app would be difficult.  I could do it manually which would take forever.  Alternatively, I could export my iTunes playlists, update the drive letter, then copy them to the M11 Plus SD card but that would also be very time consuming and very hard to maintain.  I'm creating and editing playlists in iTunes all the time.

There has to be a better way to maintain my music library and playlists on my computer then sync that information to my M11 Plus for easy access and playback.  Do I need to download a new music app to my computer and download that same music app to my M11 Plus?  I'd love to hear how most people make this work.

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