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I'm writting here because I bought the new FiiO k7 after the good experience with the FiiO k5 EES Pro with my HifiMan Sundara, this combo sounds really good. With the new k7 I thought it will be better than k5 but I'm very disappointed after using it, I updated the firmware to the lastest version (1.24) and the driver to the v5.50 and I have the following issues:

- The volume wheel has delay if you up or down the volume a bit fast. It never happened with the k5.

- I must to put the volume very high (arround 80% or more) to get an acceptable volume. With the k5, at 20-25% of volume I have more than sufficient.

- I feel the sound quality is inferior than k5, less detail, poor imaging, less bass.

I'm seriously thinking to return it and buy another k5 or Topping d3x pro+.

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