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Note: When you click the links below to download the firmware, it indicates that you have already read and agreed to the Open source licenses.

How to upgrade the R7: Click here

Updated at 2023-5-11

R7 FW1.0.3 Firmware download:

Incremental firmware package: Click here

Full firmware package: Click here

The following changes and improvements have been made to the R7 in FW1.0.3:

1. Added a new function of iPhone decoding under USB DAC mode (After enabling the iOS devices decoding function on the menu of Settings - USB DAC, the device can be connected to an iPhone/iPad, etc. This function should be disabled when connecting to a non-iOS device);

2. Added an option of two volume adjusting modes (please choose the adjusting mode on the menu of Settings-Global-Volume adjusting mode);

3. Added a new function that the audio would fade in when switching input;

4. Optimized the issue where volume adjustment through the touch screen did not take effect in real time;

5. Optimized text misses when switching songs of different sampling rate;

6. Improved the speed of downloading apps in the FiiO application store;

7. Fixed the issue where files in the micro SD card may stutter;

8. Fixed the issue where the light would be blue when connecting to the RM3;

9. Fixed the issue where the playback would fail in the Audible app;

10. Miscellaneous performance improvements and bug fixes.

Updated at 2023-2-11

R7 FW1.0.1 firmware download: Click here

The following changes and improvements have been made the FW1.0.1:

1. Added: the indicator light follows the display screen on and off;

2. Fixed: the R7 cannot be turned off after USB connected;

3. Fixed: the MQA icon is not displayed in the status bar when playinng MQA tracks through the Tidal app;

4. Fixed Roon Ready's sound dropping problem in the first play and occasional crashing problem;

5. Optimized the bottom touch button logic: the touch button operation will not cause the screen saver to be exited in the screen saverstate;

6. Other optimizations and bug fixes.

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