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I have two questions regarding the Fiio K9pro ESS.

  1. I would like to connect iPhone 13 pro to K9 USB. I have tried with original Apple cable (supplied with the new phone) and iPhone does not recognise the USB DAC. I have read that you need a data-enabled cable for that and I wonder if the original Apple cable is not cabable of doing that? i can sucessfully connect my phone to my laptop USB with this cable for data sync...

2. I have issues when switching the inputs on K9. I offten switch from BT and analog input and most of the times the analog input is dead. Then I need to open the iPhone app and switch the input from there for a few times.. then it starts to work. This is for the XLR output. for headphone output its even more problematic so I am practically unable to use headphones. I assume this is a software issue? Is there any update? Regarding to the Fiio app, I am on the latest version..

Any comments?


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