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USB DAC driver

FiiO USB DAC driver: Click here

How to update the firmware: Click here

Updated on 2023-11-2

KA1 V1.3 Firmware Changes and improvements about new firmware are as follows :

1. Newly added user-defined EQ tuning that supports 8 music genres:

   Pop, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Dance, Metal, and Vocals;

2. Miscellaneous bug fixes.



1. EQ adjustment can be supported on FiiO Control App (Android version) after

   updating the firmware. Please update the FiiO Control APP to latest version first;

2. KA1 firmware update is supported in Windows computer with Win10 or above


3. To avoid upgrade conflict, please unplug other non-essential USB devices when


If you need V1.3 firmware, please contact support@fiio.com

Updated on 2022-07-09

KA1 V1.21 Firmware Changes and improvements about new firmware are as follows :

1. Added support for FiiO Control App;

2. Added support for in-line control microphones;

3. Added the setting of turning on/off indicator light;

4. Added the function of USB mode switching.


1. FiiO Control App iOS version does not support the control for KA1.

2. In-line microphone function could be enabled via FiiO Control app. (The function

   will be set after reconnect).

   Some mobile phones(Like Hwawei, iPhone) do not support calling via microphone

   in the headphone of KA1.

   When in-line microphone function is on,  DSD native mode would work only when

   using headphone without microphone.

3. USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 mode could be switched via FiiO Control App. (The function

   will be set after reconnect.)

   USB2.0 is set as default. When using with device like switch, you could switch to

   USB 1.0 mode first.

KA1 V1.21 firmware download link: Click here

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