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FiiO USB Audio driver

[Windows system]

Before first connecting, please go to our website to download the DAC driver(FiiO USB Audio driver: Click here), and install it as the instruction to enable the USB DAC function.


Macbook does not need to install the driver.


Some KA3 may have v2.0.1 firmware installed before factory out. But there is no difference between v2.0.1 and v2.0 firmware.

Updated on 2022-01-24

Changes and improvements about new firmware are as follows :

1.Added memory function for turning indicator light off; (You could switch indicator light option between Turn off(until device restart) and Turn off(always) via Android version FiiO Control APP. Turn off(until device restart):Turn off the indicator light for now and turn it on again after the device restarts; Turn off(always): Keep turning off the indicator light until the setting changes.)

2.Added dynamic power policy adjustment function; (With this enabled,the system will dynamically adjust the power policy according to the playback sampling rates,so when playing tracks with lower sampling rates, the power consumption and heat generation will be effectively reduced.

3.Added hardware mute switch function; (The device is embedded with a hardware mute switch, which can mute the impulsive sound that occurs when switching between tracks of different sampling rates. However, when the mute switch functions,it will also make a slight pop sound. You may choose to enable or disable it according to your preference.)

Note:Please update the APP to latest version in order to use this new functions in KA3(FiiO Control APP V2.8/FiiO Music APP V3.0.9)  

V2.0 firmware files and upgrade tool: click here

How to upgrade the KA3: Click here

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