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Q15 xmos v1.82 firmware content:

1. Added custom PEQ (Parametric Equalizer) function in USB decoding mode;

2. Added switch option for MQA mode;

3. Fixed the issue of excessive power consumption when connecting Samsung

    phones in PHONE MODE;

4. Optimized the logic for selecting EQ between the Q15 and Fiio Control App;

5. Miscellaneous performance improvements.

Q15 xmos v1.82 firmware download link and update instruction: Click here

Q15 xmos v1.66 firmware content:

1. Optimize standby and shutdown power consumption and correct the problem of high

    shutdown current with low probability.

2. Optimize the stability of Bluetooth connection and correct the problem of slow button

    response during Bluetooth decoding.

3. Optimize the charging logic and correct the problem of not entering charging or

    automatically restarting in a small probability.

Q15 xmos v1.66 firmware download link and update instruction: Click here

Q15 xmos v1.59 firmware content:

1. Improve the problem that Bluetooth playback and pause playback may

    automatically reset

2. Improve the problem of automatic reset during charging process

3. Improve the compatibility issues of some brands of adapters during the charging


4. Improve the problem that the indicator light becomes dim when adjusting the

    brightness in Fiio Control App

5. Improve the problem that Fiio Control App cannot be connected without plugging

    in USB in non-Bluetooth mode

6. Other performance optimizations

Q15 xmos v1.59 firmware download link and update instruction: Click here

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