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Note: When you click the links below to download the firmware, it indicates that you have already read and agreed to the Open source licenses.

Please do not update this firmware if you are using the K9Pro ESS/K9Pro AKM/K9AKM.


Updated at 2023-4-27

Bluetooth firmware download

V1.1 Bluetooth firmware download: Click here 

How to update the Bluetooth firmware for K9: Click here


1. Please update the firmware in Bluetooth mode and do not leave the Bluetooth mode until finishing update.

2. If the firmware update fails, please restart the K9 and update again. 

XMOS firmware downlod

XMOS FW1.34 firmware download link:

If you would prefer to use line out when using line in mode in the K9(ESS edition), you could update this firmware for you K9 for help:

Download link: https://fiio-firmware.fiio.net/K9/K9%20V1.34.rar

How to update: Click here

XMOS FW1.3 firmware download link: Click here or K9 XMOS FW1.30.zip

FiiO USB DAC driver: Click here

How to update the XMOS firmware for K9: Click here

The following changes and improvements have been made for the Bluetooth firmware V1.1 and XMOS firmware FW1.3:

1. Added a new function of second harmonic adjustment.

2. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

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