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※What is the MQA subscription function of FiiO Music?

1. FiiO Music has added the MQA subscription function in version 3.1.0. After subscribing, FiiO Music will 2X unfold the MQA tracks.

2. The MQA subscription is a one-time payment, and the subscription is bound to the account. You can log in to use this function on 3 devices at the same time.

3. Please note that when your device is disconnected to the network for 3 days, the account will be automatically logged out. At this time, the MQA Core Decoder function will also be invalid. It can be resumed after logging in again.

※Where can I get MQA tracks?

1. Online streaming software like Tidal, nugs.net and so on.

2. They can also be obtained from some music forums, such as: https://shop.2l.no/

※Where to download FiiO Music?

1. Search [Fiio Music] from app markets to download.

2. Click the link below to download the APK and install it locally.

FiiO Music download link: Click

Note: The MQA function requires version 3.1.0 and above, and requires registration, login, and subscription.

※About the account of FiiO Music

This account can be shared with the FiiO Forum account, so you will no longer have to worry about multiple accounts

FiiO Community Direct Link: Click

※There is no MQA logo next to the FiiO account?

Once you subscribe, the MQA logo will appear. If your payment is not completed or your model needs no payment(such as FiiO M17, M11 Plus), the MQA logo will not appear.

※Why do I still need to pay after subscribing the MQA?

If you have subscribed the MQA function, the app will prompt that you have already paid when you enter the payment interface and click to pay. In subsequent versions, we will update the subscription status.

※Why doesn't my FiiO M17 have a subscription interface?

The FiiO M17, M15, M11 Plus, M11 Pro, and M11 can launch MQA without subscription, so they will not have a subscription interface.

※Other precautions

1. In order to ensure the normal unfold of MQA tracks, please reset the database after subscribing, and scan the song library again.

2. If the FiiO Music is disconnected to the Internet for 72 hours, your account will be automatically logged out.

3. If there is no MQA logo after payment, please contact us and send us your account number and order number.

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