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Note: When you click the links below to download the firmware, it indicates that you have already read and agreed to the Open source licenses.

How to upgrade the M11 Plus:

Click here

FiiO USB DAC driver: Click here

Please note that this firmware is for M11 Plus so you could not install this firmware in M11 Plus LTD.

If you would like to find the firmware for M11 Plus, please go to this link:  Click here

How to check my M11 Plus is the M11 Plus LTD(AKM version)or M11 Plus (ESS version):


Updated at 2022-12-28


M11 Plus FW1.0.3 firmware download: Click here


The following changes and improvements have been made the FW1.0.3 compared to the FW1.0.2 on M11 Plus:

1. Added ROON Ready function (on desktop screen or click the FiiO Roon in the drop-down menu to use);

2. Added LHDC codec support for Bluetooth transmitting;

3. Added second harmonic regulation function (can be set in the Settings - Audio - Second harmonic regulation);

4. Added experimental functions (PEQ, DLNA transmission);

5. Added support for DTS format;

6. Added desktop icon shortcuts for FiiO Music (multimedia service, local music, playlists, continue);

7. Fixed display problem of some MQA tracks;

8. The tracks in the DLNA album directory are changed to be sorted by track numbers;

9. Miscellaneous improvements in performance.

Updated at 2022-03-31

M11 Plus FW1.0.2 firmware download: Click here

The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.2 compared to the FW1.0.1 on M11 Plus:

1. Added a new function to disable battery charging (you can enable it in Settings-Battery);

2. Added  a new function to hide the full screen indicator when using gesture navigation (you can enable it in Settings-Global-System navigation-Gesture navigation);

3. Added a new option to the multifunction button setting: Lock screen/Wake up;

4. Added more timers options for idle poweroff;

5. Added the option of 'Do not display again' in the pop-up window when All to DSD function is enabled;

6. Fixed the issue where the white noise might be heard while playing music in Bluetooth transmitting mode;

7. Miscellaneous improvements on performance.

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