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Note: When you click the links below to download the firmware, it indicates that you have already read and agreed to the Open source licenses.

How to upgrade the M11PRO:

The M11 PRO supports online upgrade. If a new firmware is available and detected (with the M11 PRO connected to Internet), you will find the update notification in the notification center. Then you can tap on it to enter the update menu for online upgrading.

If there's no update notification found, you can open the "Technical Support" app, enter the "Firmware Update" menu, then tap the "Check for updates" icon to check manually.

Also, the M11 PRO can be upgraded locally using firmware package: Download the firmware file from FiiO website then copy the firmware package file to the micro SD card; Open "Technical Support" app on the M11 PRO, enter the "Firmware Update" menu, and select the firmware package file to upgrade.

USB DAC driver for Windows 7/8/10: click here
How to access the storage in computer: Click here

Updated at 2020-12-30
M11PRO FW1.0.4 firmware download: 
Click here
The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.4 compared to the FW1.0.3 on M11PRO:
1. Added full-screen album cover display and spectrum display (can be set in FiiO Music settings -> Theme -> Now playing menu);
Note: In the spectrum display mode, click the title or artist display area activate the time progress bar; switch to the lyric page and then return to the cover page to hide the bar.
2. Added sorting by artist under the Album category;
3. Added displaying the total number of tracks in the track list;
4. Added a new function of switching between album list display or track list display under the Artist/Genre category;
5. Added support for using any image file as custom album cover;
6. Added a shortcut for toggling the All to DSD function in the pull-down shortcuts menu;
7. Added file sorting in FiiO Link mode;
8. Added sliding on the bottom control bar to skip tracks in FiiO Link mode;
9. Improved the progress bar display in the Now Playing menu;
9. Miscellaneous bug fixed.

Updated at 2020-08-03
M11PRO FW1.0.3 firmware download: 
Click here
The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.3 compared to the FW1.0.2 on M11PRO:
1. Added global MQA support, and improved the MQA playback;
Note: When scanning for tracks, the app will detect whether the tracks are MQA or not, which may slow down the scanning speed if you have MQA tracks in your library.
2. Added displaying sample rates on the status bar (you can enable it in Settings -> Display -> Display sample rates);
2.1 This function is only available when playing music locally, and it does not work for the USB DAC, Bluetooth, USB Audio modes;
2.2 When playing MQA tracks, the status bar will display the original sample rates of the MQA track instead of the playing sample rates after fully unfolding, as requested by the MQA licensor.
3. Added 'enter sleep with one click' function (you can find the 'enter sleep' icon on the home page and tap on it to have the player enter sleep mode);
Note that when this function is performed, the player will also close the apps running in the background and turn off the screen to enter sleep mode. After that it can only be woken up by pressing the physical button;
4. Added support for screen rotation (can be set in the pull-down menu or in Settings -> General. The screen will rotate upside down when this option is enabled);
5. Added Eye Care Mode (can be set in the pull-down menu or in Settings -> Display);
6. Added battery level and volume level display for USB DAC, AirPlay and Bluetooth receiving modes;
7. Added quick-charge indication and charging animation (displayed in the lockscreen when connected to charger);
8. Added a new function of hiding the un-scanned or empty folders in Folder view menu (can be set in FiiO Music -> Settings -> Scan for music. When enabled, only the titles of the scanned tracks will be displayed in Folder view menu);
9. Added 'File size limit for album art' function (can be set in FiiO Music -> Settings. And after selecting a limit, the album art image whose file size exceeds this limit will not be displayed);
10. Added album art display in Folder view menu;
11. Fixed the issue where the input keyboard would be changed to the default keyboard after waking up the player with one click;
12. Fixed the issue where the DSD tracks could not be played in DLNA mode;
13. Fixed the issue where the Google account data could not be backuped;
14. Improved the Channel balance adjustment and increased the adjustment levels to 20 levels;
15. Miscellaneous improvements on performances.

Updated at 2020-03-27
M11PRO FW1.0.2 firmware download: 
Click here

The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.2 compared to the FW1.0.1 on M11PRO:
1. Added Google Play framework(if you do not need it, you could unistall it from Settings->Apps->Google Play services);
2. Added FiiO Music widget(long press the homepage to pop up widget lists, and then choose FiiO Music to put it on the homepage);
3. Added grouping tracks by Album Artist category(You can select the Artist or Album Artist in the Settings->Artist List Display. This upgrade requires a database update, please scan for music again.);
4. Added a new feature of scrolling displaying the currently played track while in a playlist;
5. Added a new feature of automatically pausing the playback after playing for 2 minutes without any headphones plugged in, so as to avoid triggering playback by mistakes;
6. Added global USB Audio output (from now on you can get USB Audio with no SRC for all third-party apps; currently only the PCM format is supported, the DSD format will be added in future update);
7. Fixed the issue where the Gapless playback would not work when playing DSD tracks;
8. Fixed the issue where the WiFi connection might drop when the screen is locked;
9. Fixed the issue where a few types of tracks could not be played properly;
10. Fixed the issue where there might be noise when playing in Tidal with All to DSD set to ON;
11. Improved the sorting by Artist (now the articles 'the, a, an' at the beginning of the names will be ignored);
12. Improved the sorting of Japanese characters;
13. Improved the rule of HR audio quality classification (according to the JEITA standard);

If you have installed the FiiO Music standalone version before upgrading the firmware, there will be two FiiO Music icons on the home page after the upgrade. To restore it, you can go to Settings -> Apps -> FiiO Music, tap "DISABLE" and then "ENABLE".

Updated at 2020-01-10
M11PRO FW1.0.1 
firmware download: 
Click here

The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.1 compared to the FW1.0.0 on M11PRO:
1. Added In-vehicle mode (Settings -> General -> In-vehicle mode, if enabled, the player will power on/off automatically when vehicle engine starts/stops and the FiiO Music app can also switch accordingly);
2. Added manual item sorting for playlists;
3. Added 'screenshot by three-fingers swiping down' function;
4. Added a new play mode: play single once;
5. Added playback position and track remembering;
6. Added a new method to enable volume adjustment by swiping up in FiiO Music Now Playing screen, and also improved the volume bar operation (now you'll need to drag on the volume bar to adjust the volume instead of just tapping as before, so to avoid misoperations);
7. Fixed the issue where the playback would fail in the new version of Amazon Music;
8.Fixed the issue where the player might power off automatically during audio playback if the power off timer is enabled; 
9. Improved the display of the FiiO Music background;
10. Improved the display of the lockscreen album art;
11. Improved the effect of the equalizer and fixed the random equalizer failure issue;
12. Improved the All to DSD function and reduced its power consumption;
13. Miscellaneous bug fixed.

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