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Online upgrade: 

Switch the input mode to BT, connect Q7 to the phone via Bluetooth first.


Local upgrade: 

1. Switch the input mode to BT, connect Q7 to the phone via Bluetooth first.

2. Start the APP and go to the Q7 Status page- -> Settings-Firmware upgrade

3. On the firmware upgrade page, tap Local upgrade

4. On the file list, tap the search icon and select the firmware file. Then a prompt dialogue will pop up. Tap CONFIRM to start the upgrade.
5. When the upgrade is going, please do not make any operation and wait with patience.
6. When the upgrade completes, a prompt of Upgrade completed successfully will pop up.

1. Please confirm that FiiO Control is installed on the phone, if not, you can download and install: 
Click here

2. Please update the firmware in Bluetooth mode and do not leave the Bluetooth mode until finishing update.

3. If the firmware update fails, please restart the Q7 and update again. 

4. Both Android and Apple devices support upgrades

What to try if I fail to connect the FiiO Control with the Q7? 

1. Restart the Q7;

2. Enable the location permission  for the FiiO Control app from settings-APP menu in the mobile phone;

3. Install the FiiO Control app again;

4. If your mobile phone is using the Android 13, please contact for help if the update fails.

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