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Chapter 1 Product Positioning of Bluetooth DAC and Headphone Amplifiers-By @FiiO Willson

Some users have asked about the main difference between Bluetooth DAC/Amps, such as the BTR7, and other products. James has explained it in his passage before. Here I would like to make a further explanation.

(1) Bluetooth DAC/Amps, mainly refer to our product line of the uBTR-BTR1-BTR3-BTR5-BTR7. The feature of this product line is that it is small in size (mainly considering the portability). Bluetooth receiving is the main function. Also, they support USB decoding, can be used as a USB dongle, and support phone calls through the microphone.

These products are small, have a built-in battery, and support Bluetooth. It is convenient for users to carry them on the go, and they support in-vehicle mode. The user group is mainly junior audiophiles, who are unsatisfied with the sound quality of ordinary products, like Bluetooth/wired devices, and eager to experience HiFi products.

Their Bluetooth receiving function is outstanding, which supports hi-res Bluetooth codec reception, like the LDAC. Most of our users often use them with earbuds.

The newly-released BTR7 is FiiO's most high-end Bluetooth DAC/Amp at present. In addition to Bluetooth receiving, it also has a 1.3-inch color IPS screen, professional independent three-level audio architecture and THX AAA-28 amps, etc. The Bluetooth DAC/Amp has been redefined- while having a better operating experience, it also has improved power and playability.

(2) In fact, we also have other products that support the Bluetooth decoding function, that is, portable DAC/Amps with Bluetooth.

Portable DAC/Amps mainly refer to our Q series, namely the product line Q1-Q3-Q5-Q7. They have a middle-size body, convenient to carry on the go. Compared to Bluetooth DAC/Amps mentioned above, they have richer functions (for example, the Q5s includes optical/coaxial inputs), higher output power and are more professional.

This kind of product can be bundled in a portable way with mobile phones and some audio players. Some users also use them with computers for decoding.

The main feature is relatively strong decoding ability. Bluetooth receiving and decoding is one of their main functions, whose output power can reach 560mW. They have a wider range of applications, such as using with earbuds and some over-ear headphones.

There is also a similar product, USB audio adapter, also known as USB dongle, which can be regarded as a concise version of Bluetooth DAC/Amp, such as our KA1-KA2-KA3 series. These products have no battery and no Bluetooth, and need to connect to an audio source in a wired manner and require an audio source to supply power. They are mainly used with earbuds.

To sum up:
1. If you want to experience lossless audio and entry-level HiFi audio, you can choose the USB dongle among the KA series;
2. If you want a product that can adapt to a variety of usage scenarios (computer, in-vehicle, mobile phone), and want to experience Bluetooth HiFi, you can choose the BTR series.
3. For audiophiles, or those who are keen on bundling and are not satisfy with either the KA or BTR series, it is suggested to choose a portable DAC/Amp with Bluetooth (such as the Q5s or desktop products like the K9 Pro).

Here is a table that roughly concludes the main features of these different products.


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