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2021 will be a particularly memorable year for FiiO for whose new product plans in 2021 were all disrupted by the epidemic and chip shortage. In fact, we have to redesign almost all other models except wired headphones that don’t use chips. Thus, besides our new product, I’ll also take this opportunity to briefly introduce the main features of the new and old models, the usage scenarios and explain who they are appropriate for. The reason why I do this is that I discovered that we have some old products that have been sold for ten years while many users have never heard of them. PS, let me introduce to you guys our new image spokesperson--FiiO Space Sheep. Sheep is used as our mascot for that FiiO is located in Guangzhou, which is also known as "Yangcheng" (the City of Rams, if translate literally). In addition, this animal image are harmless and well-behaved that we all love them. After a long period of internal discussion, we decided to make a unified upgrade from brand to product ID design towards a greater sense of science and technology in the future. To show this vision, we thus switched to a sheep wearing space suit that fully represents high technology.


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