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Note: When you click the links below to download the firmware, it indicates that you have already read and agreed to the Open source licenses.

The BTR3 is a small yet powerful Bluetooth amp designed to improve the sound of your smart phone that no longer has a headphone jack.

Ever since its release, it has been well praised by the customers with numerous reviews provided. And after going through these reviews, we found that there're still a lot of potentials to be mined on the BTR3. So after months of hard work, and with the help of the HWA team and our beta users, a more advanced and powerful new firmware is now finally available for you!
In this new firmware, we have upgraded the HWA to version 2.0 and also added the long-awaited Equalizer function, which allows you to freely adjust the sound to better fit your ears.

The detailed upgrade log of the BTR3 FW1.2 is as follows:

1. Added Equalizer function;
2. Added In-Vehicle mode (connected with car via USB cable and powers on/off automatically when car engine starts/stops);
3. Upgrade HWA to version 2.0, with improvements on the audio stuttering and some incompatibility issues (such as no sound output after switching to different apps);
4. Improved the issue that during a phone call, the voice heard at the other end is not very clear;
5. Improved the low-power notification, preventing redundant alerts;
6. Changed the RGB indicator setting to be remembered after taking effect.
7. Changed the Charge On/Off setting to be restored (it's ON by default) after unit rebooted.
8. Improved the alert sounds and reduced the volume level;
9. Miscellaneous bug fixes;

Notes (please read this carefully before upgrading)
a. After the firmware is upgraded, it cannot be downgraded. Trying to downgrade may cause the unit to malfunction;

b. How to check the current firmware version: open FiiO Music app and enter Settings->BTR3. If the current version is below 1.2,you should upgrade the firmware;

c. The Equalizer only works when streaming in the SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-HD and HWA(48kHz or lower) codec. It does not work for the LDAC codec. And for HWA 96kHz, it's suggested to turn off EQ, otherwise there might be noise.

d. New feature EQ only works with the latest version FiiO Music app (Android version 1.1.2; iOS version 1.3.9 or above)

BTR3 firmware 1.2&Fimrware upgrade tool click here (Backup link: Click here

Instruction of how to upgrade the BTR3:  click here

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